Indoor workouts for when it's *way* too cold


In the summer when it's warm out, getting in a quick workout is pretty easy. But when it starts getting cold outside, working out becomes much more of a hassle...not to mention, people feel a lot less motivated to exercise when it's freezing outside. You still need to get your weekly amount of exercise, though, which means finding other ways to work up a sweat even if you're snowed in.

Run up and down the stairs.

If you’re a runner, you can get your blood pumping by going up and down the stairs multiple times. Just make sure that your fam knows not to use the stairs for a bit so you can avoid collisions. You can also race your siblings up and down.

Jump rope.

If you don’t have stairs in your house, find an open space and get your heart pumping with a jump rope. Work on some cool tricks or even sing songs while you do it.

Try a YouTube workout.

Forget your mom's old-fashioned DVDs and workout videos. You can look up any type of exercise routine and follow along by simply Googling it. We suggest yoga for a chill snow day, or Blogilates for something a little more intense.

Just dance.

If you're bored and looking for something to do, turn up your tunes and rock out. This is the perfect way to get your cardio for the day and have an awesome time doing it (it totally doesn't even feel like a workout!).

Workout to Netflix.

Can’t quite pull yourself away from that show you just started binge-watching? Do any home workout like the one below while you're watching Gilmore Girls to make the time fly by. That's our kind of multi-tasking!

Bonus: You might not be able to do your normal outdoor routine but getting outside and sledding, building a snowman or shoveling are also great ways to get some exercise.

How do you keep in shape in the winter? Let us know your secrets below!


by Maddie Smith | 12/29/2016