Tone your entire body with this 30-minute workout

Looking for a total body tone? We’ve got the perfect plan for you, chica. This 30-minute at-home workout will hit your quads, glutes, abs and arms all at the same time. Try these exercises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and make sure to rest your muscles on your recovery days). Not exactly how some of these moves should look? Just pop the name into any search engine and you're good to go.

What you'll need: A yoga mat, dumbbells and water

What to do: Complete the specified reps for each exercise below

+ Bicep curl step-ups (24 reps total, 12 each side)  

Using a chair or steps, step up onto your platform with your right leg first, complete a bicep curl, then step down. Repeat with your left leg first.

+ Dumbbell squat to shoulder press (15 reps) 

Squat to a 90° angle with dumbbells in your hands. In between each squat (while you are standing), complete a shoulder press.

+ Overhead tricep extension (15 reps) 

Hold one dumbbell in both hands directly over your head. Bend your arms to a 90° angle, keeping your shoulders near your ears. Return arms to starting position.

+ Plank pushups (10 reps) 

Begin in a plank position with your forearms on the ground. Push up with your right arm and then your left arm until you are in a straight-arm plank position. Return to forearm plank position.

+ V Crunches (15 reps) 

Lay on your back with arms stretched above your head and legs extended and 1 inch off the ground. Complete a crunch, reaching your legs and arms for the ceiling at the same time. Return arms and legs to starting position.

+ Step back dumbbell lunges (20 reps total, 10 each side)  

Holding a dumbbell in each hand, step back with your left leg to complete a lunge. Return to standing position and then repeat with your right leg.

+ Lateral raise to front raise (12 reps) 

Holding dumbbells in each hand, stand with your knees slightly bent and your arms by your sides. Keeping your arms mostly straight, lift both arms until they are parallel to the ground. Return arms to your sides. Then move arms to your front and lift them straight out in front of you until they are parallel to the ground. Return arms back to sides.

+ Bicycle crunches (40 reps total—20 each side) 

Lay on your back with your legs a few inches off the ground. Then reach your left elbow to your right knee while completing a crunch. Repeat on the other side, reaching your right elbow to your left knee. 


Once you have completed every workout in this cycle, return to the beginning and start again. Complete a total of 3 times. 

Will you try this workout? Which exercise in this list do you think sounds most interesting?

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by Julia Selsky | 8/3/2016