This winter workout gear is changing the game




Just two days ago, the nation celebrated "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day," the annual time when lots of people realize all of their awesome life changes just...aren't happening. But we're not ready to give up just yet! Whether you've been working out since Jan. 1 or want to re-commit to getting fit, wake up your winter workout in 2016 with some great gear—after all, what better motivation is there than gadgets that keep you feeling warm and looking cool? Check it out... 

Earmuff Headphones 




Listen to your fave playlist without having to worry about your ears freezing off—plus, say goodbye to pesky wires and constantly losing a bud during interval training. Major win-win!

iPhone Gloves



Having to take off your gloves to work your phone is among the most serious of #FirstWorldProblems. Keep your fingers toasty while you're checking your route or switching tunes with these rad touch-sensitive gloves.

Wicking Headband  



This no-slip headband will keep your head warm and your hair in place—all while preventing sweat from running down your face (or worse, in your eyes). Plus, the reversible design means double the cuteness.



Face and Neck Mask



Tired of your face and neck freezing during winter jogs? Fix it with this ultra-warm wicking mask, designed to hold your body heat in—and keep the cold out. Ahhhh. 

Snow-friendly Shoes



If you're determined to get your run in even in the snow and ice (go you!), you need a shoe that can stand up to the elements. This specially-formulated sneaker is moisture-resistant and provides traction to keep you safe even in the most slippery conditions.

How do you gear up for winter workouts? Let us know below!  



by Maddie Howard | 2/1/2016