We Tried It: This 30-day yoga challenge is life-changing



Some of the fittest, most zen girls we know swear by the same speedy stay-sane routine: Yoga with Adriene. We decided to unroll our mats and give these free, easy-to-follow routines a try. The results? We’re hooked…and feeling better than ever. Here’s why...

1. Yoga Camp is ON.
At the start of 2016, Adriene launched a new 30-day program. Just a few classes have slipped by, so it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon. The best part? You can do them in your living room and they only take about 20 minutes. Each class has a feel-good theme, like “I Embrace” or “I Am Supported.” There’s none of that “new year, new you, be better, babe” vibe whatsoever. 

2. It’s a good mix of relaxing…and working out.
Some yoga classes are so slow, you might feel like you’re falling asleep. And others zip along at such a crazy pace that newbies can feel lost in all those down dogs. Adrienne’s style is a blend of deep breathing, getting your mind in a healthy place and movements that range from gentle to more challenging. After a while, you just start to trust that she knows exactly what you need each and every day.

3. Zero boredom (or confusion).
We love new workouts. What we don’t heart? Getting lost in a speedy routine that seems to make no sense. Because Adriene’s instructions come at a nice, steady pace (and the speed of the workout isn’t so nutty), you’re never flipped upside down, squinting at your computer, asking yourself, I’m supposed to do WHAT NOW? And given that she’s rolling out a new workout each day of January, it won’t get boring.

The whole combo adds up to a free workout that you’ll want to stick with…long enough to see results (whatever that might mean to you!). CLICK HERE to check it out!


What's your 2016 get-fit plan? Would you try Adriene's program? Let us know below!  


by GL | 2/1/2016