Believe it or not, you *can* stay fit this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving may be the one day you can get as stuffed as your turkey, but it doesn't have to be a TOTALLY unhealthy day. Check out our five steps for keeping things a little more moderate.  

1. Go for a morning run.

Lots of towns have Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving morning, but even if you can't make it, take time to squeeze a workout in before the feast. You may be stuffing your face later, but at least you'll have burnt some calories before then.

2. Help get the house ready.

Bustling around, washing the dishes, raking leaves...all good calorie-burners. Plus, your parents will thank you.  

3. Take time between courses.  

A half hour before seconds can totally curb the craving. Plus, you'll appreciate dessert even more if you have some space in your stomach.  

4. Hydrate.

Soda and cider may be tasty, but you're not going to feel refreshed by them. Grab a tall glass of water instead. Plus, it'll fill you up a little.


5. Have some family fun.

Thanksgiving's known for pickup football, so grab your sibs and a pigskin and get playing!

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How do you stay healthy on Thanksgiving? Let us know below!  


by Danielle Bryant | 2/1/2016