Get fit fast: How to lift weights like a pro



Little-known fact: If you really want to one up, lose weight and boost your metabolism, lifting weights is the way to go. (All the cardio in the world can't give you sculpted arms or a six pack!) The only problem? Most people don't know how to lift weights correctly—putting their bodies in serious danger. Check out the four body-building basics below, then be sure to talk to a trainer who can help you with your form for any given exercise.

Warm up your muscles 

Your stretch before yoga, so why should lifting be any different? Get your blood flowing and loosen up your muscles before putting them to work.

Don’t rush through your reps

Rushing through those bicep curls or chest presses can cause you to do the movements incorrectly, both lessening the effectiveness of your workout and putting you at greater risk for injury. If you're so tired that you can't continue with proper form, just stop! Otherwise, slow down your pace and focus on how your muscles feel as they contract.

Breathe during lifts

Always exhale through your mouth as you lift your weights and inhale through your nose as you lower them. Breathing while lifting helps oxygen flow to your muscles and gives more power to your movements.

Don’t do cardio before lifting 

Though cardio and strength exercises are the perfect combo, cardio can tire you out, making you more likely to rush through your movements or become fatigued more quickly. Skip that run until after you've finished your reps.

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Do you ever do strength exercises? What weight-lifting Qs do you have?  

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by GL | 2/1/2016