FEATURE FRIDAY: Rev Yourself Up!

Five cool ways to reenergize this winter!

Sooner or later, the holidays will be over, the ball will have dropped in Times Square, and the world will go on spinning. And now all you have to look forward to are cold, dark days of winter. What you need are quick, easy ways to get your adrenaline flowing, so you can get outta bed, fling off the flannel, and see the light of day. Get out from under the covers, and check out our tips even the Energizer Bunny would swear by.

Hup, two, three, four. On the floor and give us 10 pushups! No? How about a quick jog around the block if it's not too icy out. Or try 30 jumping jacks. You'll get your heart rate up and feel invigorated. Better than caffeine!

Scare yourself silly.
No need to bungee jump off an iceberg or anything. Instead, get absorbed in a spine-tingling suspense thriller. Or pretend you just got busted reading your older sister’s diary and now she’s coming after you…she’s in the hall…she’s at your door…

Sweets for the sweet.
Just a teaspoon of sugar does more than help the medicine go down. It will give you a bit of a rush that’ll at least get you out of the front door. We opt for the natural fruit high. Try a juicy orange or ripe grapefruit. Stretch your imagination, and the citrus deal will connect your spirit to warm, sunshiny Florida where they were grown.

Two words: Ashley Tisdale
Love her or hate her, her poptastic tracks will get those hips moving. Hey, a little music is all you really need to shake off those winter doldrums. High-energy tunes is what you're after here, girls. So say buh-bye to Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat, and other PMS crooners 'til spring has sprung.

OK, OK, you can sleep.
If all else fails and you still can’t keep your eyes open, don’t underestimate the power or a power nap. Grab your teddy bear, get under those covers and indulge. But here’s the catch: no more than 20 minutes! You just want enough sleep to feel refreshed—too much will make you feel groggy. Maybe there is something to hibernation after all.

By: Alicia Clott

12/21/2007 12:00:49 PM
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