FEATURE FRIDAY: Ace Your Spring Tryouts


Whether you’re tryin’ to hit your way onto the softball team or serve yourself onto the tennis squad, we’ve got lotsa tryout tips for ya.

***Before The Big Day***

Boost your endurance
Before the tryout, take your cardio workout to the next level. Go for a run every other day (or more), each day pushing yourself farther and faster. Running not your thing? Do some sprints in the local YMCA pool or take a daily kickboxing class. By the time the tryout comes, you'll be able to impress the coach by out-running all of your competitors without being totally winded.

Stretch, stretch, stretch
Because tryouts can be really intense, your bod often pays the price. Start stretching now! If you keep your limbs limber by stretching every night, you won't get the "can't walk, can't move, can't get out of bed" aches after a long day of tryouts.

Introduce yourself
Let the coach know who you are, that you're trying out for the team and that you're really passionate about the sport. When you introduce yourself, ask the coach if he or she could suggest any practice drills that you could do to prepare for the tryout. That way, the coach will not only recognize you on the day of the tryout, but will also know that you are totally dedicated.

***During the Big Day***

Eat right
Don't stuff yourself with a cheeseburger and fries on the day of a big tryout. Instead, eat something with high protein and little fat so it will give you energy but not slow you down. Maybe a turkey sandwich for lunch? Don’t forget to keep a water bottle handy and keep chuggin’ throughout the day.

Show up early
Coaches love athletes who show up early for practice. Make sure on the day of the tryout that you are at least 15 minutes early and start stretching right away. The coach will automatically want someone with your discipline and dedication on his or her team.

Stay positive
Of course it's absolutely important to be a total competitor in the tryout zone, but don't forget that sports are supposed to be fun! Keep smiling--even if it's tough. The coach will see that you actually enjoy the sport and that's the most important part!

By: Laura Tomaselli

Blog It Out... Are you trying out for any spring sports? What are your tips for making the team?

2/29/2008 12:00:26 PM