We tried it: My Healthy Cooking Coach

It’s when I have no idea what new recipe to try for lunch that I really wish I were a better cook.

I can chop veggies, use a mixer and make pasta, but I’m by no means a wiz in the kitchen. So if I really want to get serious about becoming a bona-fide chef, I need not only a bunch of new recipe books but also a manual to learn how to julienne, saute and deglaze (and figure out what those terms even mean!). Or I need a device that combines all those features into one...

Ubisoft has created a new game My Healthy Cooking Coach for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems, which is essentially an index for any beginner cook. With over 200 recipes suggestions (each with helpful calorie, time, difficulty and cost info) and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare them, it’s very informative and easy-to-use.
And after all, it’s a video game, so you can also play around in the virtual kitchen and try out recipes there first: Use the digital cutting board, sink and stove in order to follow all the steps to create a delish dish (and then do it for real in your own kitchen)! The game offers starters, meals, desserts and miscellaneous sauces. It tells you exactly which utensils and ingredients are needed to prepare the dish or lets you store away the recipe on the calendar for later and plan to craft it some other day.

Plus, it has specific birthday recipes so you can bake your BFF a yummy cake. Confused with the recipe? Check out the Lexicon, with terms regarding cooking techniques, ingredients and utensils. Add items to your shopping list or calendar, use the time and conversion tool, and you’re set. This game is available for DS and DSi systems for approximately $30.

The available recipes use healthy ingredients to create well-balanced meals (which look delicious) but it seems a bit too much for someone my age. I love the ideas and can see myself having fun playing the game and “creating” a complex dish, but I’m not so sure about in real life. The recipes are perfect for someone older than I am who’s looking for some impressive-looking dishes that are healthy and straightforward, but that person’s not as likely to play with this video game. If I suggest some recipes to my mom, I’d help her make it for dinner one night, but other than that, the game wouldn’t get much practical use.

Bottom line? My Healthy Cooking Coach is fun and easy-to-use (the culinary school who provided the cooking info did a great job compiling the tips), but it falls short of keeping it real for teens’ daily use. If you’re looking to whip up an easy snack on a summery afternoon, a Vegetable Couscous that takes 70 minutes to prepare probably isn’t the best idea if you want to hang out in the sun after. But if you’re looking to impress the fam or try something new altogether, My Healthy Cooking Coach might just be the answer!

By: Miliana Budimirovic


by GL | 2/1/2016