You top 3 sports bra questions, answered!

 We have bounce-proof tips for the most-asked bra probs from the G-Life blog. Find your best bra, whether you’re flat as a basketball backboard or you’re overflowing outta your C-cup. Finally! Your probs are, err, busted.

Um, when do I need to wear one?

As soon as you get a bit of boob, you’ve gotta latch down the ladies with a sports bra—every single time you work out. Don’t think that you can skip wearin’ one for gym or dance class, either. (And once you start using one, you won’t want to go back.) Sport-specific bras reduce the strain on breast tissue and are made to wick away icky sweat. Think: Less bacne! Nike Reversible Strong and Strappy Bra, $30,

How do I know which one is best?

You can’t just pick the cutest bra on the rack and expect a great fit (sigh). Take a few sizes and styles to try on—cross-straps, mesh back, molded cups, whatever. And don’t just stand there! Jump, run and skip around the dressing room to make sure it feels comfy (and stays put) when you’re on the move. Your best bra will feel snug, but it won’t dig in or ride up. Adidas Soft Sports Bra, $30,

My boobs are huge—what can I do to keep ’em under control?

Girls with less chest can get away with compression bras (which smush boobs to keep them in place). But bustier babes do best with encapsulation bras, which gives each breast its own support system. They may be pricier, but your bod is worth it. Wash your bra in cold H20 and avoid the dryer to make it last longer. Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra, $33,
by Girls' Life | 2/1/2016