GIVEAWAY: Win a Blume box and self-care starter pack from the cool company making periods *actually* enjoyable

Ever make a late-night run to the drugstore for a box of tampons and wonder why they don’t put cramp-busting chocolate, tummy-taming tea, soothing scented oils and blemish busters right next to the pads? They’re *all* equally essential period products, TBH, and it would be *so* much simpler if you could just grab it all together—right?

That’s exactly what Blume is about: making it easier to access all the things that are good for your mind, body and spirit. But this female-owned start-up is taking things one step further and delivering everything to your door—by subscription, if you’d like—to completely eliminate any stressful stock-up situations when your period hits.

Founders (and sisters!) Taran and Bunny Ghartrora say their mission is to de-stigmatize periods, cultivate conscious conversations and provide young women with accurate information about their bodies. One thing they feel is super important? Feeling good about what’s going in and on your body—which is why their complete range of products are all organic, chemical-free and sustainable.

In addition to pads and tampons, Blume’s thoughtfully curated product line also includes a gentle face wash and acne treatment, a natural deodorant and an essential oil blend that combats cramps—all made with young women’s unique issues in mind.

*Blume* where you’re planted...
CLICK HERE to customize your own Blume box—you’ll get to pick your preferred period product (pads, tampons, or both!) plus add on extra essentials (like, um, chocolate).

Score some flower power!
We’re giving away one Blume Box—plus a Self-Care Bundle including everything you see above (Hug Me Deodorant, Day Dreamer Face Wash and Meltdown Blemish Treatment). To enter, simply scroll down and click the pink button. Enter as many times as you want between now and September 15th, 2018, and we’ll announce one winner on September 17, 2018. Good luck!



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by GL | 8/15/2018
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