Why you should *definitely* drink coffee on National Coffee Day

Okay coffee lovers, our time has come. National Coffee Day is here, and in celebration of this joyous occassion we're going to give you the top health benefits of drinking java. Feel free to whip out these facts for all the coffee haters and for your mom who told you you were too young to drink coffee (never!). 

1. Coffee makes you smarter 
Okay, maybe not in the way you're thinking. Please don't replace studying with your favorite Starbucks frappuccino. But coffee and its infamous caffeine-induced energy jolt can improve the way your brain functions according to this CNN report. So besides keeping you awake during a late night study sesh, it also helps to make your brain sharper with things like attention, logical reasoning, and reaction times. So basically, all of the things we drink coffee for in the morning. Now you have proof, you're welcome.

2. Coffee has tons of healthy antioxidants 
According to this study, coffee is the NUMBER 1 source of antioxidants for Americans. More than your average serving of fruits like oranges and blueberries. Why is this important? According to this medical blog "Antioxidants fight inflammation, an underlying cause of many chronic conditions, including arthritis, atherosclerosis and many types of cancer. They also neutralize free radicals and keep us healthy at the micro-level by protecting our cells from damage." Basically, coffee has way more of the bodily crime fighting antioxidants we need to stay healthy than anything else we could possibly eat. Another win for #teamcoffee.

3. Coffee prevents cavities 
We're just gonna let you know right now that this health benefit does not apply if your favorite coffee drink is the Unicorn Frapp. Sorry, coffee isn't a miracle worker. Researchers in Brazil found that drinking strong black coffee can kill the gross bacteria that eats away at your pearly whites. So while black coffee may not be your cup of tea (lol), maybe making one out of the 2-3 suggested cups of coffee black in the name of healthy teeth will convince your mom to indulge your Starbucks addiction.

4. Coffee can boost your short term memory 
Studies have shown that caffeine can positively affect the areas of your brain responsible for memory and concentration, which in turn gives a nice jolt to your short term memory. Who doesn't want to improve their memory? I don't know about you, but a steaming cup of joe is starting to sound really good right now.

5. Coffee can make you happier 
Personally, a trip to my favorite coffee shop already puts a smile on my face, but this study done by the National Institute of Health takes things one step further. The study found that people who drink four or more cups of coffee were 10 percent less likely to be depressed than people who have never drank coffee. This is not to say that drinking coffee can prevent depression or that it should be used in place of therapy or medication. Still, it's a comforting statistic in the ongoing argument for coffee lovers.

How do you plan to celebrate National Coffee Day? Let us know in the comments. 

by Cydnii Jones | 9/29/2017
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