Can't fall asleep? Try this step-by-step solution

We all can relate to those sleepless nights—the ones spent rolling around in our beds for hours just hoping that we’ll fall asleep eventually. Once or twice is acceptable, but multiple times a week? That’s no fun at all. Especially because sleep is such an essential component to the wellness of our bodies. Add some of these steps to your bedtime routine to drift off to dreamland *way* faster. 

Turn off your electronics an *hour* before your bedtime. 
Bright screens can cause activity in your brain which makes it more difficult for you to fall asleep (plus, the temptation to keep scrolling through Insta will definitely keep you up). You want to give your body and your brain some time to rest and let it know that you're preparing for sleep by shutting your electronics down or at least keeping them away from your bed.

Take a hot shower or bath.
Cleansing your body both physically and metaphorically at the end of the day is a nice way to relax before bed. Soak in a lavendar-scented soap or hang some eucalyptus in your shower for majorly calming vibes.

Wash your face.
Developing nightly hygiene habits such as washing your face before bed is another must. Not only will it keep your skin clear, but by doing these activities consistently before bed time, your body will see them as a signal to start shutting down. 

Sip some chamomile tea.
This herbal tea is known for making you sleepy. Before you climb into bed, boil some water, pull out your favorite mug and let your tea bag soak. Add some milk and honey for added flavor.  

Take out a moment to reflect on your day. Celebrate yourself for what you may have accomplished that day and write out some goals you want to take on for the next day. Not a fan of writing? Don't worry about complete sentences. Just make a bullet point list. Reflection can be an amazing way to wind down, as well as continue to pursue self growth. 

Try meditating.
Before you go to sleep is the perfect time in bed to sit still and just breathe. Sounds a little funny but trust, it's super relaxing. Spending time in silence with yourself is another opportunity for reflection. Not really sure how to meditate? Check out this post.

Let us know in the comments what you like to do to wind down at night!

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by Sydney Haywood | 4/10/2019