Spending time outside this summer can *actually* make you healthier

When it's super hot out, staying inside can be tempting (uh hello, air conditioning and WiFi!) but the outdoors has so much more to offer than Instagram does. From hiking to having a picnic in the park to going for a run to simply reading a book on the porch, there are tons of ways to take advantage of the sun. (Just don't forget the sunscreen, natch.) Here are five ways that spending time outside can make you even *healthier* this summer.

Buh bye bacteria.
Scientists have found that a certain type of ultraviolet light is super effective at killing germs. That doesn't mean stop washing your hands, though. Most of the light that has those bacteria-busting properties is absorbed by the atmosphere. 

Clear up your skin.
While too much exposure to the UV rays from the sun can do damage to your skin (or lead to skin cancer, yikes), appropriate dosage of the sun with sunscreen can help those nasty pimples go away.

Detox your blood. 
Sounds crazy, but it's true. Sunlight’s cleansing properties don't stop at your skin. It can also produce a biochemical reaction that helps lower your blood pressure.

Get energized.
Oxygen is what keeps us living and a boost in oxygen from the sun can give you more energy. Plus, sunlight regulates your melatonin levels, making you feel less sleepy during the day.

Smile more.
There's a reason they call it fun in the sun. The sun makes people happy because it increases serotonin, the hormone that makes people feel happy. 

Even if you can't get outside a lot (read: you have an amaze internship!), it's still important to get your vitamin D. One thing that can help with that? Supplements. We like the Rainbow Light Teen Girl's Multivitamin, especially because it promotes clear skin, too. Win-win. 

What's your favorite thing to do outside? Share in the comments! 

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by Uchenna Nwodim | 6/2/2017
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