10 ways to de-stress in under 10 minutes


We all have those days when we're *so* stressed that every single thing feels overwhelming and we aren't sure where to even start on our to-do list. Basically just getting through the day feels impossible. The solution? Taking a few minutes (yes, we promise, you can make the time!) to yourself to rest up and recharge. Here are some of our fave brain and bod boosters:

1. Watch a funny show. Laughing is the best cure to anything so turn on a hilar movie or watch standup comedy on YouTube.

2. Take a hot bath. The more bubbles, the better. P.S.: Lavender and chamomile are both relaxing scents so add a few drops to your water. 

3. Write in a journal. Getting your thoughts out on paper might even help you think through and work out some of the things that were stressing you out.

4. Color. Coloring books trending right now for good reason--the repetitive motion (and sense of accomplishment when you're done) calms your mind.

5. Get your nails done. Who doesn't love a fresh mani? Invite your friends over for a quick DIY spa sesh. 

6. Cook something really yummy. Bake a batch of your grandma's chocolate chip cookies or make dinner for your fam.  

7. Watch a makeup tutorial and try recreating it. It's a fun way to not only perfect your highlighting skills, but also to distract yourself for a few minutes. That way you can start studying again (or whatever it is you have to do) with a fresh mind. 

8. Call a friend. Talking to someone will help you get your mind off things and your bestie might be able to help you deal with your stress. 

9. Listen to a happy song. Something with a catchy tune, happy lyrics and perfect for dancing around your room to. You'll feel instantly better. 

10. Get dressed up. Wearing a cute outfit is an immediate confidence booster. Even if you're tempted to stay in sweats, putting on your fave dress (you know, the one with the adorable studded accents) will make you feel ready to slay the day, no matter what it might bring. 

How do you de-stress fast? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Aarti Sharma | 5/30/2018
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