Follow these tips to *finally* stop biting your nails


Biting your nails definitely isn't good for youfrom exposing your mouth to nasty germs that carry a host of viruses and possible infection to damaging your teeth. But we get it, it’s a nervous habit that's super hard to break. Try one of the following to keep your tips away from your teeth.

Short nails are your BFF. We’re not talking painfully short, but short enough that you’re not able to bite on anything. You might not be kicking the habit completely, but you’re making it *extremely* hard for you to engage in it.

Manicure, anyone? Treat yourself to a girls' day at the nail salon or even just paint them yourself. Super chic nails will make you think twice about putting your fingers in your mouth. You don't want all that beautiful work to go to waste.

Keep your hands busy. A hairband on your wrist or an egg of silly putty in your purse can help distract your hands (and your mind). If you find yourself with extra time, take up a new hobby like knitting or braiding friendship bracelets.

Get a cool gadget. Introducing the Fidget Cube, a super sweet box that's aimed at helping people with anxiety and ADHD focus and let out pent-up energy or nerves. Bonus: It's only $20!

See a therapist. To truly kick the habit, you have to address what is actually making you bite your nails. Is there something causing you to feel anxious or upset? Once you’ve identified a trigger, focus your energy on trying to work through it. A therapist can definitely help, or even just talking to your parents or another trusted adult or friend.

Be patient. Remember that breaking bad habits take timeit’s not going to happen overnight. So don’t get upset if you have set-backs or bad days. Everyone does. The key is that you get back up and keep trying because that's what counts.

Are you a former nail-biter? How did you beat it? Let us know below! 

by Kaila L. | 2/14/2017
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