You can *finally* become a morning person with these hacks

Some (v. lucky) people are naturally able to get up in the morning and start their day with no problems whatsoever. It even seems like they’re floating with happiness as they prepare for the day in front of them. And as a serial snooze-button-pusher, you are *seriously* jealous. Whether you want to be more productive in the a.m. or simply want to not feel like you're dying everytime the alarm goes off, there are a few easy ways to go about becoming a morning person. 

Wake up at the same time each morning, even on the weekend. Sleeping in on a Saturday or Sunday might seem necessary, but it’s really not doing your body any favors, unless of course you’re sick or extremely exhausted. Getting your body on a routine schedule helps it to form an internal clock which means the more often you wake up at an early time, the more your body will get used to waking up at that time. Like many things in life, consistency is key.

Bring on the natural light. Sunlight is a great way to energize yourself up in the morning. It's tempting to keep your blackout curtains drawn, but throwing them open will wake your brain up from the hours of sleep it has just gone through and jump start your day. 

Give yourself something to look forward to. It’s going to be much, much harder for you to get up in the morning if you dread your routine. If you enjoy a quick run and a hot shower, then go for it. Or make a delicious breakfast and watch an episode of your favorite show. Whatever it is that makes you happy, do it.

Get your sweat on. A quick jog or yoga flow will do wonders for your body. It helps to wake you up and keep you refreshed during the rest of the day, but it will also help you fall asleep later that night. And obviously adequate sleep is the only true way to feel well rested.

Put your alarm clock across your room. By moving your alarm clock away from your bed, it will be physically impossible to hit snooze. Plus it forces you to get out of bed ASAP which, let's be honest, is the hardest part.

Take your time. This one is one we tend to overlook. But rushing in the morning is one of the worst feelings! Make sure you give yourself more than enough time to move through your a.m. routine at an easy pace and start your day off on the right foot.

Turn on some tunes. Pop in your headphones and cue up your favorite songs while you prepare yourself for the day. Listening to music can be highly motivating, so by adding it into your morning you’re doing yourself a big favor (and have an excuse to drown out your annoying sibling!).

Do you have any hacks that you follow to make waking up easier? Let us know in the comments!

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by Kaila L. | 3/2/2019