Why you shouldn't be afraid to try something new


Let's say you just saw the *best* movie ever about a girl who turned her passion into a career. It got you super inspired, and now it's all you can think about. The only problem: You're way too old to find a passion like that, right? Wrong! You can discover yourself at any age, whether it's 5, 15 or 50. So what if you're the oldest one in the ballet class? If you're doing something you love, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Also, there are tons of classes created just for adults who want to try something new.

Trust us, you wouldn't be the first person to discover their passion late in life. Take Vera Wang, for example. One of the most renowned wedding dress designers in the world didn't begin her journey until she'd graduated college. Throughout her teens, she focused her energy on skating and in college she studied art history. It wasn't until she began working for Vogue at age 22 that she began to discover her love of fashion, as an editor. After 15 years at Vogue, she left to begin working as design director for accessories at Ralph Lauren.

And, how about Tina Fey? She didn't get a major acting role until Mean Girls, and she was 34! Now *everyone* knows her name, and she spends her time doing what she loves most: comedy.

Our point is stop thinking that you can't be one of those people that changes the game, because you totally can. People don't change the world by giving up. Once you find your passion, nurture it continuously. If you pour your heart into what you love, you'll find that true is success is knowing you've stopped at nothing to live your dreams. 

Sign up for that karate class, even if it means you have to give up Tuesday movies with the gals. Or start writing that book you've been thinking about for months. If you want to be a photographer, try this free photography course (at Harvard!). No matter what your heart is calling you to do, step out of your comfort zone and try it. Soon enough you'll be looking forward to driving across town for jazz lessons or spending 30 minutes a day with singing tutorials. Even if you can't afford lessons, there are many ways to learn a new skill. Try YouTube tutorials or online classes while you save up. 

What's something you've always wanted to try? How are you going to do it? Share your story in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram.

by Julia Bonney | 1/20/2017