6 tricks to stop biting your nails NOW

You probably know that nail biting is a bad habit...but do you know just *how* bad? Turns out, the addicting action can have some serious repercussions. We're talking bacterial infections, fungus, tooth damage, ingrown nails, and other seriously nasty stuff.
If you haven't already, it's time to break the habit. We sat down with a few chronic nail-biters to discover the best secrets and strategies for keeping your mani safe.  
Occupy yourself

For most people, the compulsion comes during times of boredom or stress. “If you feel the urge coming on, try placing your hands out of view or start a hand-ons activity,” said Sarah, 15. Play a game on your smartphone, doodle or take up knitting...whatever works! Distraction is key.

Strap on the band aids

Having trouble finding an activity to do? Instead, try placing adhesive Band-Aids on each of your nails to cover them. “You can wear them throughout the day, take them off when you go to sleep and add a fresh pair in the morning,” said Rachel, 14. It might look a little weird, but it won't take too long to break the habit.


Polish it

Try coating your nails with some bad-tasting solution such as Bitrex, made to keep things that don't belong in your mouth out of there. “The bad taste really grossed me out,” said Kelly, 16. “I stopped for good.” Once those nails grow out, head to your local nail salon and get a nice gel mani. It lasts for two weeks, and gnawing at it is basically the equivalent of throwing money away.

Chew some gum

Keeping your mouth busy with chewing gum or sucking candies can also help distract your mouth while making it harder to bite—after all, do you really want to get gum on your nails (or worse—nail polish in your gum?!).

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to healthy, beautiful nails! What other tricks have you tried to kick this habit?


by Samantha Subin | 2/1/2016