4 fad diets you shouldn't waste your time with


Just about every week there’s a hot new food regime that everyone’s obsessing over. You know the type: full of uncooked dishes, trendy vegetables (hello, kale), skimpy meals, and weird food combos (bleh!). Oh yeah, the reviewers will rave and the hipsters will swear by ‘em, but the truth is these diets are just waaay more trouble then what they’re worth. 

Paleo diet
The Paleo diet (also known as the caveman diet) requires you to munch on protein like red meat and fresh fruit and veggies—much like the eating habits of our hunting and gathering ancestors. The problem with this diet is that important food groups, like whole grains and dairy are completely cut out. This makes your body miss out on key nutrients vitamin D.

Military diet
This diet calls for strange picks like raw tuna, cottage cheese and black coffee. It’s true, some people have lost up to 10 pounds using this 3-day routine; but after the 3 days are up, it’s likely that the weight will come right back within a few days.  

Gluten free
People think that kicking gluten to the curb will help them out, but if you don’t actually have the allergy, this doesn’t really do you any favors. A lot of gluten-free food is packed with more sugar and fat to substitute gluten… talk about a lose-lose.

Raw food
The raw food diet means limiting oneself to food isn’t cooked above 116 degrees—which is cool, because hey, everyone loves sushi. But, eating raw 24-sev can pose certain health probs. Eating uncooked fish and meat can lead to foodborne illnesses. 

What do you think—should people give these diets a shot? How do you stay fit? Tell us in the comments below!


by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016