Learn to love football (or fake it like a pro)

The regular NFL (uh, National Football League) season kicks off tonight, and the football fanatics at GL HQ couldn't be more thrilled. If you're surrounded by pigskin enthusiasts but are a little less than enthusiastic yourself, check out our guide to learning to love the game...or at least faking it while the tube is on. Ready? Let's go!

Pick a team going in

Don't wait 'til kick-off! Find out which game you'll be watching and pick sides. If you're rooting for the Ravens, toss on a purple tee or tie a ribbon in your hair, study up on key players like Ray Rice and get ready to watch the bird kick some booty! Any game is more fun when you're invested in it, whether you have an actual tie to the team or not.  

Figure out what's going on

A true football fan loves talking about the game to anyone, so attach yourself to one for the first quarter and ask him or her to break down the plays and calls so you can understand what's actually happening. Watching guys randomly go splat on the field? Eh, gruesome. Getting that yeah, it looks like that hurt, but whoa, check out the yardage they nabbed? Far more interesting. 

Root for an underdog--or a rookie

There's a lot on the line for a fresh-out-of-college draft pick, so watching them when they're on the field can be extra exciting. Pick one or two that sounds particularly awesome--or are just drop-dead gorgeous--and cheer for them like you went to school with them, too.

If you're bored, get busy

Don't just roll your eyes at the screen and tap your fingers 'til the game is over--that'll just annoy everyone who is interested in watching the action. Instead, find something else to do that keeps you involved in the friends and family that are gathered in your living room. Whip up a new chip dip, play Hangman with your little brother, anything that keeps ya occupied without it being noticeable that you could care less. 

Which team are you rooting for this season? Tell us in the comments! 

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by GL | 2/1/2016