We Tried It: Sports drinks during warm-weather workouts

Need to stay hydrated during long summer workouts? We know you understand how important it is to drink plain old water, but let’s face it: Sometimes a girl needs a dose of Lemon Lime. Which is why we tried alternating water and Gatorade during major sports practices and were able to stay hydrated all week long. Score!

Here’s the catch: The only time sports drinks are truly effective (and not just a sugary mess) is if you’re exercising really hard. If you’re just goin’ for a walk in the park, you don’t need the electrolytes these drinks provide. The electrolytes help prevent dehydration but, let’s be honest, unless it’s crazy hot outside you’re not exactly sweating up a storm if you’re just walking. We like alternating water and Gatorade, to get all the hydrating benefits but without all the sugar.

So why not skip sports drinks all together? The powerful electrolytes included help to delay muscle exhaustion and replace nutrients lost through sweating with a dose of carbohydrates. Buh-bye, painful cramps! 

Whether you’re at a structured sports practice or just going for a long run through the park, toss both a bottle of water and Gatorade into your bag to maximize your workout and keep your body fueled. (Our tip? We like to fill our Nalgenes with half Gatorade, half agua. You won’t even lose any flavor!)

So what do you think, girlies? Do you dilute your sports drinks or stick to only water?


by Kara Gelber | 2/1/2016