Resistance bands for a total-body workout

When I used to have to go to physical therapy for an injured ankle, I had to do a lot of resistance exercises to build my strength up. Now that my ankle’s all better, I have tons of resistance bands lying around. That’s when I realized I could use them during strength training and flexibility exercises. Why let all my free equipment go to waste?
It took some playing around to figure out how to use the bands right, but if you buy a pack at a sports store, it’ll come with a booklet of different moves to do. You can work your abs, shoulders, arms…there’s multiple moves for every part of your body so a session with these babies will be a head-to-toe workout. The best part? They coil up so you could pack them in your suitcase and tote them on your next vacay.
Resistance training is my new favorite form of exercise now. You can use them to do a total body workout, or concentrate on one section each time you pick up the bands. After I finish strengthening my muscles, I adjust the bands and used them for a relaxing, cool-down stretching session. Ahhh....


by Brittany Berger | 2/1/2016