Cool-girl gear

Not to be gross, but there’s nothing worse than a sweaty T-shirt sticking to your back during a run or sneaks that stink beyond words. GL tested tonsa gear to find breezy picks that’ll keep ya feeling like a cool cat on the dog days.

Go for the win
This tech-y tank yanks sweat off your skin, plus it’s SPF 30 to help protect ya from the sun. Layer it over a moisture-wicking sports bra to get major bennies.

Under Armour Victory Tank, $20,

Sip in style
We were slightly scared of this glass bottle at first (hello, breakage!), but it’s not as fragile as it looks. Keep it handy whenever you head outdoors.

Glass Beverage Bottle, $22,

Pamper those peds
Choose cotton socks and you’ll end up with sweat-soaked piggies. Socks made out of smart “sport” fabrics keep feet drier—meaning fewer blisters. They’re pricey, but your feet will love the treat.

Drymax Hot Weather Socks, $8,


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016