Eat Right

Go Natural, Girl

While Doritos may be tastier than broccoli, this week try to pay attention to the amount of packaged foods you eat. These boxed ‘n’ bagged goods tend to be less healthy than the stuff that comes straight outta the ground.

Check the labels—they tend to be loaded with all sortsa man-made ingredients. Instead of always going for what’s easiest (it’s a cinch to open a box of crackers, but takes time to cut up carrots), think about what’s best for your body. Eat more “whole” foods, and fewer fake ones.

At the end of the week, hop back on G-Life and tell us how you feel!

Here are some easy swaps:
Put tomatoes on your sandwich, instead of ketchup
Dress your salad with lemon juice and olive oil, not creamy ranch
Nosh on orange slices in place of fruit snacks
Drink 100-percent juice, not a sugary sports drink
Doesn’t a fresh apple sound good right now? No preservatives added!


by Girls' Life | 2/1/2016