Eat Right

6 times Olympian Chloe Kim told us *exactly* what food she was craving

Olympians are superstars in their fields. You can catch most of them training all year round, often following strict diets and a demanding daily routine. The 2018 U.S. snowboarding gold medalist, Chloe Kim, is all about eating healthy and exercising...except when she's not. Chloe *loves* a good cheat day snack and provides us all the food glory through her tweets. Chloe shows us she's just like any other teenager—er, with the exception of being a snowboarding champ.

Here are six times Chloe let us know exactly what she was craving during her Olympics journey, and we were totes with her on every tweet.


Breakfast is *always* an important meal


Ice cream is acceptable at any time


Nervous? Crunch on a churro!


Her love for pizza is strong


Chipotle is an absolute must


...and hot Cheetos, too!

Let us know some of your favorite cheat snacks in the comments. 


by Chelsea Appiah | 2/21/2018