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5 sneaky ways to eat veggies for breakfast



When we think of veggies in breakfast foods, an omelette is usually what comes to mind, right? But there are *tons* of other ways to incorporate greens in your wake-up meals. Check out the list below for five easy and nomtastic veggie breakfast ideas.


1. Veggie breakfast tacos. There are hundreds of ways to make breakfast tacos, but one of the tastiest ways is with four veggies and scrambled eggs, topped with hot sauce for an extra boost. Why not eat some tacos for breakfast?


2. Homemade hash browns with spinach and carrot. Yeah, hash browns are still great on their own, but adding carrots and spinach definitely enhances the color and presentation factor. And not only that, but it provides extra antioxidants.


3. Breakfast crepes with cheese and veggies. Savory crepes? That’s a no-brainer! And if you make your crepes with skim milk and flour, the veggies will be the stars of the show, as opposed to heavy creams and cheeses that are usually used.

4. Veggie fruit smoothie. We all know about the veggie smoothie trend. But in order to really pull it off, you have to make sure you play around with fruits and veggies that complement each other. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Extra tip: Ditch the dash of sugar—the fruit is naturally sweet, and adding too much sugar will throw off the fruit and veggie flavor balance. 


5. Smashed avocado toast and veggies. This one’s the *perfect* go-to for all your healthy fat and fiber needs. With a tasty combo of onions, avocado, peppers, egg and asparagus, you'll definitely be starting the day off right.

What's your favorite veggie-filled breakfast? Tell us below! 

by Maggie Medoff | 7/14/2017
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