Eat Right

Super cute and easy banana-peanut-butter sandwiches


Let’s face it: Caf food isn’t exactly the healthiest thing out there. And just because your school serves tempting baked goods during lunch time, doesn’t mean you have to eat em'. Instead, opt for a sweet and healthy treat like peanut butter and jelly banana sandwiches that you can make in just 3 easy steps. They're packed with protein, fiber and lots of potassium. So go ahead, eat up and pack a baggie (or two) for your next lunch! 

What you'll need: 

  • A banana
  • Peanut butter (almond butter or cashew butter can work also)
  • Jelly (strawberry or grape would probably taste best)


1. Next, chop up a banana into thin slices and spread some peanut butter onto one face of the banana slice. 

2. Then, take jelly and spread it on another banana slice. Smush the two slices together and there you have it—a gooey, peanut butter and jelly banana sandwich.

3. These mini sandwiches are super easy to make. Prepare them the night before school, or even minutes before your morning bus!

What's your fave healthy snack to pack? Share in the comments below!

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by Katherine Base | 2/1/2016