Eat Right

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


Anorexia nervosa, bulimia…unfortunately these are a couple of conditions that you girlies know all too well. According to recent statistics, as many as 10 million girls are struggling with one of these deadly disorders. If that wasn’t bad enough, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) says that millions more are suffering from binge eating disorders. These conditions are serious, and becoming more prevalent in middle and high schools, and even elementary schools. The Journal of Adolescent Health reported that 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat.

The National Eating Disorders Association uses in February 24-March 1st to teach people about eating disorders and encourage discussion about them. This week, we’re going to bring you lots of facts (and plenty of resources) about eating disorders. If you or a friend is struggling, please reach out for help.

For support and info about eating disorders, check out:

National Eating Disorders Association:
Something Fishy:
The Renfrew Center:

Blog It Out… Do you feel pressure to be thin? Why do you think that eating disorders are affecting more and more teens?

by GL | 2/1/2016