Eat Right

Good-For-You Treats!

Stay healthy this week by snacking on only good-for-you treats. Fruits and veggies are always a fab option, but sometimes a girl needs to mix it up a bit. We've got five ideas to fill ya up after school (or to tote with lunch). Yummy!

Jazzed Up Rice Cakes
Rice cakes seem a little….blah. But by adding some fun extras, you can make one that’s super yummy and fills you up quickly. Take a plain rice cake and spread it with a little peanut butter. Then sprinkle a few raisins on top for a sweet touch. Easy!

Dried Fruit Mania
Blueberries are so yummy, but not in season just yet. Take a trip to a grocery store that sells natural products (like Trader Joe’s) and pick up some dried blueberries. They’re full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which keeps your immune system from fighting off germs. Don’t like ‘em plain? Swirl them into your fave yogurt!

Pitas 'n' Guac
Eating some fat is good for your bod and keeps you full. Try a piece of pita bread dipped in some guacamole. So yummy, plus guacamole is filled with the good fat. Staying fuller longer = less snacking on junk food…a major health plus.

Sweet Endings
Long day at school and craving something sweet? Instead of a cookie, take a graham cracker and top it with a little honey. Then slice a banana and add a few slices on top. Bananas are full of potassium, which helps build strong muscles and keeps your heart healthy.

Mini Pizza-inspired Bites
For a quick Friday snack, grab a few toothpicks. Slide a cherry tomato and a cube of mozzarella cheese on each of these toothpicks and snack away. You’ll get a good veggie intake from the juicy tomatoes and a dose of dairy from the cheese.


by Girls' Life | 2/1/2016