8 reasons why going stag is seriously gr8


Happy National Prom Day! Ever been busy getting ready for your big dance when you realize, uh-oh, you might have forgotten something? Don't worry. No prom date, no problem.

Though it's easy to fall into the mindset that being dateless at the dance will be a total bummer, it can actually be way fun to go stag. Don't believe us? Check out these eight awesome reasons why rocking the single ladies vibe just might be the way to go. So put your hands up!

1. Before prom couple pics? No thanks.

Instead of worrying about all the traditional poses couples do before prom (which always end up looking super awkward anyway—you know that weird stance we mean), you’re free to do whatever crazy, glamorous pose your single heart desires. Get as dramatic and fun as you want, girl!

2. You can assemble your own prom squad

Some of your best buds don’t have prom dates either? Score! Get a bunch of your girls together and it'll be like your own private party. It's a total GNO (girls' night out if you feel old school Miley like we do), just in long, ruffly dresses.

3. FOOD = BAE (before anything else)

Whether it's a sweet sit down or a bumping buffet, prom food is where it's at. You can spend the entire night grazing on apps, all without worrying about what some guy thinks of you pigging out. There's dessert, so dig in.

4. Anyone can be your dance partner

You're not stuck with just one person, you've got your pick of the crowd. Whip with your friends, other single sisters or even just by yourself. The important thing is to dance like nobody's watching.

5. Coordinate your own look for prom

Instead of texting back and forth trying to figure out if your date's tie is the same shade of green as your dress, you can ditch the drama and come up with your own fabulous fashion.

6. You can sit out songs whenever you want

For example: those oh-so-awkward slow dance tunes. Who needs the pressure? Grab a friend—or just a breath—and take a break. Lucky you.

7. And having touch ups in the ladies room whenever

You don't have to worry about leaving anyone behind when you hit up the powder room for a little primping (or for a quick run-down of the night with your girls).

8. Leaving whenever you please

You’re not pressured by anyone to stay until the very end—so if you're not feeling it anymore, why not ditch the last couple of songs? When you go stag, the night is all about Y-O-U, boo. So do your thing.

Happy National Prom Day, GL girls! How are you rocking the big dance?


by Danielle Bryant | 3/31/2016