Bad Boy Blues

Hi, I need help bad! I have a crush on this boy and he likes this other girl who is a year older than him. She is BAD news though. She writes in the girl’s bathroom and smokes! (Let’s call her Vanessa). So he is falling for a girl that is terrible and is only going to be at our school for another year.

I asked him out and he said, “I’m not ready to go out with a girl right now.” My friends keep teasing me because he has a mohawk…uhh yup, don’t be shocked. He is really nice and cracks me up. We are like best friends and stuff. We talk and email, although lately he hasn’t been returning them. He calls me to talk about HER! I just really like him and he knows it. I really need some help!!!

    - xoxo Sammi'

Hey Sammi, this situation is really craptacular. It’s one thing when a guy you like likes another girl, but it’s a whole different story when he constantly comes to you to talk about her. I think we all feel your pain, chica.

Now that the two of you both know where each other stand, why not try easing up on the crush? He knows that you like him and if he feels the same way, he’ll make the next move. You’ve done everything you possibly can, even listening to him rattle on about another girl. What more can you do? On the other hand, maybe he was being honest and sincere when he told you that he wasn’t ready for a relationship. If that’s the case, give him some time. If you guys are good friends, be understanding of his feelings.

You’re undoubtedly a great friend, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through the torture of hearing about the “other woman”. The next time he starts to spill his beans about this chick “Vanessa”, let him know how much it hurts your feelings. He obviously isn’t thinking or doesn’t have you in mind if he has the audacity to talk to you (of all people) about her. A more subtle approach would be steering your convos and emails toward another direction. If you feel like he’s going to start up again, suavely change the topic. Hopefully he will get the hint.

As for the mohawk, uhh…I love mohawks!


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4/13/2009 7:00:00 AM