In a new relationship? Here's how to make sure you and bae survive social distancing

Maybe it started with a Valentine's Day text, or long walks (and laughs) down the school hallways together. Either way, your crush *finally* admitted they caught feelings for you...and you confessed the same. You were making big plans: Spring break hangs, movie dates, prom. Squee! Now, with the coronavirus outbreak upon us and social distancing in full effect, you're wondering if your relationship will get through your newly imposed long distance. 

Don't worry—we've got the tips you and bae need to survive the miles apart. Here's *everything* you need to know for your bond to get through this time stronger than ever. 

Tip 1: Don't text all day.

It might seem counterintuitive (wait, shouldn't we be talking all day?) but here's the truth: Texting 24/7 can ruin a relationship, fast.

Think about it. At school, you have *tons* of time to daydream about bae while you're busy living your own life—whether you're cracking up with your BFF in study hall or hitting the courts at tennis practice. Now, especially while you're stuck inside, it's important for you to have moments to yourself, too. Leave your phone behind while you take your dog for a walk or join your squad for a FaceTime marathon of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Your crush will still be there when you're done, so don't stress.

That way, you avoid the trap of either one of you getting too clingy—and you have plenty of fun stories to share with each other when you log back on. And if they make you feel bad for prioritizing other things? It's time to let them go.

Tip 2: Plan virtual dates. 

Movie theaters and malls may be closed, but that doesn't mean date night has to fall apart. Save some evenings to schedule special moments for you two: Netflix marathons (complete with your commentary), virtual dessert plans (as long as you can both scoop ice cream into a bowl, you're good) or even getting extra-creative and learning a new hobby together (origami, anyone?). Bonus: You don't have to wait for the weekend! 

Wear that cute spring dress you've been saving, curl your hair and do your makeup *just* right...because you haven't been doing those face masks for nothing! Enjoy the energy boost that comes from counting down to your date—hey, maybe it'll even motivate you to finish that online school assignment.

Tip 3: Share your authentic self.

At school, you present one version of yourself—while your *true* emotions likely come out at home. You may be Miss Bubbly at your cafeteria table, but when the last bell rings, you're more comfortable cuddling up under the covers with Netflix and a cup of chamomile tea. Or maybe you're the shy girl in the back of English class, but at the dinner table you're perfectly OK sharing your most intense opinions.

The good news? This is a chance for you and bae to share the *real* versions of you. Whether you're planning a dance party for your little sisters, cooking a new recipe for the fam or trying to up your TikTok game, don't be afraid to share your genuine, goofy self with your crush. By letting them into your world, you're showing them that you're able to be vulnerable—leading to *lots* more deep convos and opening up down the line.

How are you and bae handling social distancing? Tell us below...

by Katherine Hammer | 3/19/2020