What to get your crush, new bae or long-term BF for Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, let’s be realistic, most relationships are messy. Not everyone is in the perfect, happy partnership you see on TV. Maybe you've just broken up with a boyfriend, are maybe you're in a fight with one, or maybe you just met a new crush you’re exploring. While you know V-day is supposed to be all romantic dates and flowers, you might not feel comfortable going all out for a new guy. Or, maybe you’ve been single for awhile and a romantic day is the last thing on your mind. Whatever the situation is, we’ve got the perfect gift for this confusing holiday. 

For the guy you’re just crushing on
Even if you have feelings for this guy, you don’t want to overwhelm him with roses on Valentine’s Day. Get him something light and playful that represents your friendship, like these cute earbuds. 

For the new bae
You’re not so sure about this guy yet, but you know you like him. So get him something small that he’ll love, like this cozy beanie. 

For the long-term BF
The longterm BF deserves something seriously nice. It’s okay to splurge on this watch for the guy who makes you happy every day. 

For the guy best friend
This guy makes you laugh and is always there for you. Get him this funny keychain. 

For your girlfriends
This mug is adorably sappy, and the perfect shade of millennial pink for Valentine's Day, and will totes match the rest of your bestie's decor.

For yourself
Pamper yourself on Valentine's day with this jade facial roller. Relationship or not, you deserve a treat!

Who are you gonna pamper this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!


by Kira Barrett | 2/3/2018
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