6 things that are scarier than talking to your crush

Talking to your crush can totally be scary. Worrying about what you should say and how your crush will react is pretty common. But you know what’s scarier than talking to your crush? Literally so. many. things. And because Halloween is approaching, here are six of them.

Finding the courage to talk to your crush is tough—but maybe remembering that talking to them isn’t as scary as some other situations will help you keep your cool when you actually do.

1. Being followed through a haunted house
Haunted houses are all fun and games… for a while. Just when you think you can handle your fears (a few fake cobwebs and people in costumes? NBD), someone jumps out at you or starts following you. Um, no thanks.

2. Watching movies about creepy clowns
Letting your big sis convince you to see IT with her was a mistake.

3. Hearing a noise in your room after watching a scary movie
So you watched IT, and now you’re alone in your room and when you hear a noise, you jump to the conclusion that Pennywise *must* be coming for you. Eeeep!

4. Walking into a house full of spiders and bats (real or fake, tbh)
Imagine talking to your crush. Now imagine walking into a room full of spiders and bats. Which one’s worse?

5. Your friend convincing you your house is haunted
Scary stories often come up at sleepovers. Now, your friend is giving you a ton of reasons why she thinks your house is haunted—and they kinda make sense when you think about it... Cool. It’s fine. Totally fine. 

6. When you’re so sure that your light wasn’t on when you left your room
You just know that you turned your light off before you left. But now, the light is on. *shivers*

How did you get over the fear of talking to your crush? Let us know in the comments. 


by Paige Sheffield | 9/26/2017