7 totally extra (but amaze!) picnics to try on your next date

Uh-oh! It's your turn to pick the activity for date night and you're fresh out of ideas. When boo suggests another picnic, you want to cringe—they can be so cliche! But here's the thing: they don't have to be. You can definitely take your picnic (and your relationship) to the next level with these seven *extra* (but amazing!) picnic plans.

1. Pizza in the Park
Head to your favorite park with your cell phone in hand and the pizza delivery service on speed dial. Pick a pie with all of your fave toppings and settle in for a sweet afternoon with your sweet. Best part? When you skip food prep, you'll have more time to spend with your sweetie. 

2. Beach Bum
Whisk yourself to a tropical island (aka the bank of a nearby lake or beach) and enjoy your lunch on the water! Swap the basket and blanket for a cooler and towel and umbrella and pack tropical smoothies to give your meal the perfect summer feel. 

3. Campfire Fun
Skip the mediocre sandwiches, grab some s'more fixings and hotdogs and head out to your fave fireside spot. You can build your own fire (with the help of a parent, obvs) and grill your own dogs and roast your own marshmallows. Tip: go at sunset so you can watch the stars together—so romantic! 

4. Lazy Day
Sometimes, you just don’t feel like leaving the house—and that’s OK! For this date, keep it lowkey. Stay in your PJs, pick something on Netflix and cuddle on the couch while you munch on some freshly-popped popcorn. No one said picnics have to be outside! The important thing is that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are spending quality time together. Want to take things to the next level? Take an intermission between episodes or movies to build a pillow fort.

5. First Class
This one is where you can get a li'l fancy. Pop on your fanciest shoes, loveliest dress and find a shady picnic table. In your basket, pack plastic drinking flutes, sparkling grape juice, french bread and all the fixings for a fun cheese plate. Consider bringing a tablecloth and cushions to make your table comfortable. Treat you and your date like royalty on a picnic that’s made exclusively for first class couples (that's you two!).

6. Sweet Life
Who needs lunch or dinner when you can skip straight to the good stuff: dessert! Pack up cookies, cupcakes and candies for a super sugary outing to your fave chill out spot in town. Bring a colorful blanket, too, to give the day (and your Insta feed!) a whimsical vibe. 

7. Potluck Party
Take a group date to a whole new level and turn your picnic into a party! Invite your friends *and* his friends so you can get to know his guys and he can meet your gal pals. Have everyone bring some food to share, pick a locale spacious enough for everyone and have fun with your squad while having fun with each other!

How would you spice up a picnic? Will you try any of these ideas? Sound off in the comments!


by Aly Prouty | 7/4/2017
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