5 things you should always do on a first date

So you've made plans to go on a date with that sweetie you've been crushing over for, uh, ever. But now there are a million things to consider: What will I wear? What do I do if things are awk? Is this lipstick OK? What are we going to talk about?! Well, here are a few things you should always do on a date. 

1. Let them know you're happy to be there
There is no shame in being extra excited to spend time with your date—that's normal! Hiding how you're feeling is not, though, and it's going to make you feel anxious and full of nerves, making it harder to break the ice and dive into deeper conversation with them. It *also* gives them a boost of confidence that sets the tone for the rest of the date. 

2. Then make light conversation
Asking about his or her last break up is probably not a great conversation starter. At the beginning of the date, go for lighter topics of conversation. For instance, if you guys are going out to eat, talk about your favorite things on the menu, point out different things that you either love or hate, and go from there. The conversation will get rolling, and you'll be diving into deeper topics before you know it.

3. Be decisive
You should be decisive in all of your choices and actions, from when your date asks where you want to eat (if it *is* a dinner date) all the way to the end. Not only will this make you look mega confident, it'll also ensure there aren't any awkward lulls.

4. And present in the moment
There is a time and place for everything, and your first date with someone is not the place to be checking your Instagram likes. Not only is it disrespectful to the person you're on a date with, but it also give them the idea that you'd rather be spending time elsewhere.

5. Then end it politely  
No matter if you had a great time or a not-so-great time, thank your date for spending time with you and go in for a hug.

What do you *always* do on your dates? Sound off in the comments below!


by Kara Brown | 6/14/2018
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