6 movie flirting tricks you've always wanted to try

Who doesn't love a great rom-com? We def do (Harry Styles, too!), especially because they're chockful of totally adorable flirting techniques. Be honest: You've always wanted to try some of these IRL!

1. The not-so-casual over-the-shoulder yawn or counting shoulders game

2. The even more casual "accidental" drive past his house

3. Pulling a Cher and sending yourself chocolates/flowers

4. The “I didn’t see you there” hair toss

5. Knocking your pencil off your desk to see if he will pick it up

6. Being taught how to bowl/golf/play pool

What's your fave LOL-worthy romantic comedy move? Have you ever tried any of these classic moves? Share below! 

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Photo credit: Giphy


by Clarissa Latman | 11/3/2017
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