Ready to double up? Your go-to group date guide

How did you feel before your first date with your sweetie? Were you a bundle of boy-induced nerves? If so, then it should come as no surprise that a first group date might call to mind those exact same feelings—plus a few totally new ones. 

Group dating is definitely different from one-on-one dating. Spending time with *just* your BF may be a stress-free sitch, but partnering with another perfect pair can lead to some potentially awkward encounters. Don’t panic! Keep an eye out for these common group date dilemmas, and follow our tips for stopping them in their troublemaking tracks. 

PROBLEM: Your BF doesn’t know your friends (or you’ve never met his).
Being out of the loop is the opposite of fun. Whether it’s you or your guy who’s unfamiliar with the rest of the group, chances are that somebody’s on the verge of feeling unincluded.

SOLVE IT: Don’t skip the introductions!
We all do it. You run into your bestie while shopping with your cousin, launch into a convo that’s jam-packed with inside jokes and let 20 minutes go by before finally realizing that you’ve never introduced the two of them. Instead of falling into this trap, get your group date off on the right foot by making sure that you’ve all shaken hands and shared names.

PROBLEM: Small talk turns into silence.
So you’ve met and mingled for a few minutes. Now, it’s as if you’re a bunch of nervous actors who forgot their lines. 

SOLVE IT: Stick to a script.
You don’t need to write a word-for-word date dialogue. However, going in with a mental checklist of your hobbies, interests and most shareable stories will give you plenty to talk about during the group date. Of course, the goal is to also learn a thing or two about each member of the group. Get more voices in on the action by asking everybody about their fave things and memories. 

PROBLEM: Your fellow daters are a li'l too down for PDA.
That peck on the cheek from your guy was adorbs, but your group date partners-in-crime are pushing the PG-13 boundaries.

SOLVE IT: Dish about your discomfort.
A huge part of what makes a group date successful is group unity. That includes getting along, enjoying what you’re doing and keeping the mood in a comfy place. While we all feel differently about PDA, it’s equally true that our feelings should be respected. Be honest. If their touchy-feely vibes are rubbing you the wrong way, then kindly ask them to tone it down.

PROBLEM: Somebody tries to jump ship.
You thought your friend’s crush came along to be with her. Why does it seem like he’s a little too interested in you?

SOLVE IT: Friendliness or flirtiness? You make the call.
Before you decide that you’re dealing with a player, take a moment to *really* study this guy’s moves. Is he paying attention to his own date? Better yet, is he paying more attention to you? Have you caught him looking your way multiple times? It’s a fine line between friendly and flirty, so you’ll want to be careful here. Pull him off to the side for a chat if you truly think he’s up to no good.

Now that you’ve got the group date 411, here are four date ideas that were made for four (or more!) people.

Shake, shimmy and slide at a dance class.
Gather your group and head to the place where strutting your stuff is 100 percent encouraged. Learning to dance together is an awesome group date because doing it gets everybody on their feet and out of their comfort zones—which is *so* much easier to do when you’re not going it alone. Groupon has some great deals on everything from salsa to swing dancing.

Take a swing at mini golf.
Fire up your group date with a friendly competition. Mini golf offers so many possibilities that’ll keep you busy throughout the entire date. Face off as couples, start a boys v. girls showdown or hold your own as individual players. Another perk? Courses vary in length, so you could play the day away or go for nine holes between dinner and dessert. Use GolfLink to find your nearest mini golf course.

Start a thrift shop scavenger hunt.
Think about all the random things you’ve donated over the years. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a game using the randomness of other people’s donations? Embarking on a thrift shop scavenger hunt is a great way to be silly and bring a *serious* dose of creativity to the table. Scope out vintage hats, 1,000-piece puzzles and tees from your dream travel destinations.

Get down and dirty at a mud run.
Your group will want to stick together through this one. Mud runs work well for group dating because they’re tough, super exciting and just the right amount of gross. Your heart will race as you climb through deep puddles and cling to your BF and your pals for support. Check out this guide if you’re up for the challenge and want to register for a nearby run.

Have a great group date story you’d like to share? Tell us below!


by Megan Sawey | 5/31/2018