Advice from *real* guys: 7 weird things dudes find totally irresistible

When you think of the guys you crush on, what's the first thing that comes to mind? A great sense of style? An awesome sense of humor? Maybe it's something a little weirder, like guys that dig Dr. Who, or who have a serious (and endearing) obsession with video games. Turns out, ladies aren't the only ones with quirky crush criteria. We spoke with guys about the weirdest things that they like in a girl—and let's just say we were super surprised by their answers. Check it out...

"I love it when a girl isn't afraid to get messy when she's eating," says Zack, 16. "If she's not worried about getting wing sauce all over her face, I won't be either."

"The girls I'm into like to take a break from social media and live a little,” says Charlie, 17. "Sure, I like seeing your selfie Snaps, but I like seeing you more."

“I love it when a girl gets excited about what she’s talking about,” said Jacob, 16. “I also love when she talks with her hands. It lets me know what she’s interested in and what makes her happy.”

“I like girls with soft-looking hair,” saya Aaron 15. “Especially when they are always playing with it. That's so cute."

“When a girl does something stupid and knows how to laugh about it afterwards, I find it really attractive,” said Jason, 14. "It helps me be able to relax around her."

“This one girl I dated played the guitar,” said Jeremy, 17. “She’d always walk around with it at school and trip over the steps and everything. I was always there to help her up, and I loved feeling like I was saving the day.”

"It’s nice to meet a girl who doesn’t need constant attention or reassurance to be happy,” says Luis, 15. "That seems obvious, but confident girls are the best."

So there you have it—different guys are into all different things. The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun—the perfect guy will like you for you.

What weird little things do you like in a guy? Share 'em below!


by Samantha Subin | 9/17/2019