23 daring (and adorable) ideas to snag a date to formal


So, the yearly back to school formal is coming soon—and what better way to prepare than to snag a cute date? There’s just one small stitch… he hasn’t asked you yet. But, no worries! You’re a fearless chica, and you can ask him yourself. Here are 23 adorable and daring ways to ask your fella to the dance. 

1. Write the big Q on his driveway with colorful chalk.


2. Channel your inner chef and bake him a delish cake—don’t forget to scrawl the word “formal?” on there with icing.

3. If your inner chef is MIA, order a pizza, and use pepperoni to spell it out.

4. Write the words, “Will you go to formal with me?” or something close to it on construction paper with marker. Cut out each of the words and hide them for him to find throughout the day. At the end of the day, stand by his locker with the last word and a smile.

5. If you’re pretty sure he’ll say yes, pass a note that says “Formal with me? Smile for yes, do a one-handed cartwheel for no.” Now how can he refuse that?

6. Write “dance?” on a bunch of sticky notes, and stick them on his front door, locker or desk, arranging them in the shape of a question mark.

7. Using an old jigsaw puzzle, put it together and write “dance?” on it with marker. Undo the pieces and ask your guy to help ya put it together again.

8. Ask a local restaurant (it helps if you have friends who work there!) to write “*insert guy’s name*, Formal with me?” on their menu board. 

9. Buy balloons in your school colors and write a letter on each of them. You could even fill the balloons with Hershey kisses!

10. Ask him out for ice cream, and when you go to get the two of you spoons, write “dance?” on his spoon’s handle before handing it to him.

11. Write “dance?” on an index card, then freeze the card in a cup of ice—he’ll literally have to “break the ice” to get the note out.

12. Rip out a page of a book he’ll recognize. Circle or highlight the letters d, a, n, c, e and a question mark, in that order. Fold it up and stick it in his locker. Don’t forget to sign your name on the bottom of the page!

13. Send him on a scavenger hunt around the school, leaving notes such as “meet me at the grossest water fountain in the school,” until the final note does lead to you.

14. Tell as many people as you can that you’re planning to ask your crush to the dance, and have them spread the word. After a few days, catch up to him, and tell him how you heard you were going to ask him to the dance—then do!

15. Have all your friends wear shirts with a letter on each of them, which spells out “formal” or “dance.” Have each of them walk up to your crush, one at a time, and smile and say hi to him. Then, be the final one to walk up to him, wearing a shirt with a question mark on it. Cute!

16. It’s cheesy, but if you’re musically gifted, use it! Write him a funny but cute song, and if ya got the guts, sing it to him during one of his classes.

17. Write him a cute poem. If you’re not the gushy type, make it hilarious! Think: Roses are red, Violets are blue, How lucky would I be, If I got to go to the dance with you?

18. Personalize some M&Ms or other candies. You can buy them customized, and have whatever message you’d like written on them.

19. Write your Q on a note, then stick it in a bottle with some sand. Adorable!

20. Use your artistic side. Do a DIY melted crayon art with the word “dance?”

21. Stick a note inside a fortune cookie. Think: “I would be fortune-ate if you would go to the dance with me.”

22. Steal his phone and change your contact name to, “Will you go to the dance with me?” Call him later and get your answer!

23. So maybe you’re nervous, or don’t want to make a big deal about it—that’s okay! A simple in-person question will do. Just walk up to your crush where you can be alone, smile, and ask him, “I was wondering if you would want to go to the dance with me?” Voilà! 

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by Melissa Trible | 2/1/2016