15 too-cute dates to scratch off your bucket list

Not sure what to do with your BF this weekend? Don’t fret. Whether you’ve been together three years or three days, the Instagram account @couplesbucketlist has puh-lenty of fresh 'n' fun ideas. We rounded up the best dates to put an end to the “no, you decide” debate.
Plus, find out who won the #GLsweethearts contest this weekend!

  • 1cblcarnivaldate.jpg

    Game day

    Rides, prizes and cotton candy? Sounds like date heaven. And while you’re there…


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 2cblferriswheel.jpg

    Sky-high smooch

    Pucker up while you’re up at the top. Muwah!


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 3cblmilkshake.jpg

    Shake it up

    We’re pretty stingy with our cones and shakes. But nothing makes our hearts melt faster than sharing with our sweeties.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 4cbldolphin.jpg

    Splish splash

    OK, so finding dolphins might not be as easy as finding the closest Ben & Jerry’s. Hey, a girl can dream.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 5cblbesilly.jpg

    Goofballs unite!

    Wait, isn’t this something every couple does every day? If not, put it on your list, stat.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 6cblbeach.jpg

    Be beach bums

    Sure, we love the salty air and boardwalk fare. But can you think of anything more adorbs than making a sandcastle by the waves? Presh!


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 7cblsunset.jpg

    Bright eyes

    Whether it’s over the seaside or the skyline, nothing's more romantic than snuggling next to your sweetie as the sun sinks in the west. Except maybe…


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 8cbljacketnew.jpg

    Here, take mine

    If he lends his jacket when it gets chilly. Sigh, what a guy!

    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist
  • 9cblpaintwar.jpg

    Make a masterpiece

    Finally, an arts and crafts day you both can agree on. Write a cute message on his tee while you’re at it.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 10cblskateboard.jpg

    Let the good times roll

    Never tried? Even better. Now he can show off his ollie moves while brush off your flirting skills.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 11cblmovie.jpg

    Featured attractions

    Can’t go wrong with a classic. Finish the date off with a kiss straight from the screen…


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 12cblfootpopping.jpg

    Pop it up

    Aww! That’s how every smooch should be.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 13cblconcert.jpg

    Ready to rock

    What’s better than a flick? Two tickets to the hottest show of the season. And don’t forget…


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 14cblsongsremind.jpg

    This is your song

    Pick one of the tunes as your couple song. Makes it way more memorable, right?


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist

  • 15cbladorbspic.jpg

    Get snap happy

    Got an adorbs shot of you and your sweetie you wanna share? This Saturday and Sunday post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GLsweethearts. Just on Facebook? Tag Girls’ Life in the uploaded shot. The winners will be featured on on Monday. Start smiling, lovebirds!
    UPDATE! We have a winner! Click to the next slide to see which couple won.


    Instagram via @couplesbucketlist
  • sweetheartswinners.jpg
    On Saturday we asked you to post the cutest picture of you and your BF. And the winner is … Catharine M.! Thanks for sharing this adorbs snapshot of your sweetie!


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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016