Make a move! 9 ways to chat up your crush

Ever get stuck, deer in headlights-style, when you wanna chat it up with your crush?  With a little practice, you’ll never worry about what to say to your cutie.  Check out these 9 examples to work your flirting magic and get your crush! 

1. “So, how about last night’s game?”  Keep up with your crush’s fave team and he’ll be totally impressed by your sports knowledge.


2. “You look really awesome in that color!” Next time you see your crush, try complimenting him on little things, like that cute haircut he just got or how he got an A on that really hard history test.  He’ll take it as a good thing coming from you.


3. “This totally reminded me of you….” Tell him something that made you think of him.  It’s casual enough but lets him know he’s on your mind.


4. “What was the homework in English?” Next time you have class with your crush, ask him about that math question you don’t understand.  Even better, if you missed class one day, call or talk to him in person about the material you missed in class. It’s an easy excuse to talk to your crush!


5. “Wanna sit here?” Maybe he’s too shy to chit-chat, but simply asking him to join in with your friends will make him feel comfortable around you and want to get to know you better. 


6. “Hey, what’s that song?” Next time he’s rockin' on his headphones, ask him what music he’s listening to. Ask to listen to see why he loves it so much (and it’s an excuse to get close to him!).  Try listening to some of his fave songs and artists afterwards for an instant convo next time.


7. “So, how was the new Thor?” Want to know a good movie to see? Try asking your crush! Ask him about what he thought of that new comedy movie or if the new action movie was way better. It’s an easy way to talk to your crush and you’ll have a good movie to see!


8. “Wanna go for a walk?” Do you see your crush around the neighborhood walking his dog?  Next time, ask if you and your dog could join in! Walking your dog can actually be fun with your crush beside you talking to you one-on-one.


9. “So you know my friend!” Is one of your BFFs already close friends with your crush or one of his friends? Ask her to introduce you to him and to see if all three want to hang out. You guys will get to know each other better and it won’t be as awkward with your best friend around. As you two get closer, try hanging out on your own with him.


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by Maggie Perkins and Holland Burkert | 2/1/2016