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*Win* the ultimate teen girl survival kit!

The holidays might be over but the gift-giving isn't. We have one more present for you...and let's just say we've saved the best for last.

Workman is giving away everythingand we mean everythingyou need to survive (and thrive!) this year to three lucky winners. (After all, being a teen girl is *not* easyhello, puberty, boys, skin sitches and more.) Peep the prize, and how to enter, below. 

What you'll win:
+ A copy of Bunk 9's Guide to Growing Up. Written from the point of view of girls who have been there, done that (cue some hilariously awkward moments and a lot of awesome advice), this is the book about puberty you'll actually *want* to read.

+ A gift card to Yellowberry. Bring on all the super cute, comfy and colorful bras, please. (Bonus: Yellowberry was started by a teen girlboss.)

+ A one-year subscription to Girls' Life magazine. We might be biased but we think 6 issues of a mag filled with everything from girl power to glitter is totally #worthit.

How to enter:
CLICK HERE to enter between now and February 9, 2018. Good luck!

What question do *you* need answered about being a teen? Tell us below! 

by GL | 1/12/2018
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