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8 books you *need* to read this holiday season

We all know that the holidays are the *perfect* time to catch up on your reading, so we've compiled GL's ultimate TBW* list...

...To Be Wrapped, that is! Did we just give you a gift idea and show you how to pretty it up all in one? Why yes, we did. You're welcome!

Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood

Wednesday Books ($19)

Andromeda is an exorcist who cleanses evil spirits out of homes. When a handsome castle owner brings her into his haunted home, flirtation ensues—and so does terror. Set in the Ethiopian desert, this action-packed novel draws inspiration from Jane Eyre as our fearless heroine must conquer the supernatural...and survive. Buy it here.

Passport by Sophia Glock

Little, Brown and Co. BRYR ($11)

In this graphic novel based on an astonishing true story, Sophia Glock discovers the reason her family moves so much: Her parents are spies! Follow along as Sophia uncovers this life-altering secret through a letter she was never meant to read—and processes the reality of her parents’ double life. Buy it here.

Sway With Me by Syed M. Masood

Little, Brown and Co. BFYR ($10)

Arsalan, 17, lives with his 100-year-old great-grandfather Nana in a Muslim Desi community in California. Worried about what will happen to him when Nana dies, Arsalan decides he needs a life partner. Enter Beenish, the stepdaughter of a matchmaker, who finds Arsalan true love...where he least expects it. Buy it here.

Children of the Fox Thieves (Thieves of Shadow #1) by Kevin Sands

Viking BFYR ($18)

Callan is a con artist who teams up with a crew of kid thieves to pull off the heist of their lives: stealing a fantastical treasure stored in the well-protected home of a magician. Collectively, the team’s unusual talents can help Callan pull off the impossible crime, but can they do it before the magic turns on them? Buy it here.

The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling

Razorbill ($19)

Elise is cursed with the ability to see how someone will die just by touching them. Claire, a beautiful (and immortal) vampire, is assigned to help Elise master her “gift.” As they grow closer, Elise predicts the death of a teacher—and the two team up to stop the killer. This dark and funny book hooks you with great characters, romance and twists. Buy it here.

Dark and Shallow Lies by Ginny Myers Sain

Razorbill ($18)

Six months ago, Grey’s bestie Elora disappeared in a Louisiana swamp. No one knows what happened, even though their town, La Cachette, is the psychic capital of the world. As Grey digs into the disappearance, she realizes that secrets abound in her town—and that no one can be trusted. You’ll be entranced by this mystery. Buy it here.

The Falling Girls by Hayley Krischer

Razorbill ($19)

Shade and Jadis are BFFs—a pair of outsiders against the world. So what’s Jadis to do when Shade lands a spot on the cheer squad, makes friends with the in crowd and becomes a person Jadis can barely recognize? Obsessions, secrets and suspense abound in this fast-paced thriller that begins with a dead girl on the floor at a party. Buy it here.

The Midnight Girls by Alicia Jasinska

Sourcebooks Fire ($18)

Living in 18th century Poland, three witch apprentices (Morning, Midday and Midnight) are monsters appearing as innocent girls. Tasked to steal the literal hearts of princes to gain powers, the apprentices become enemies after pursuing the same target—and things only get more complicated when Midday and Midnight fall for each other. Buy it here.

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by GL | 12/6/2021