6 everyday beauty hacks you *need* to know

Whether your glam routine is a 5-minute look or a 30-minute, Jefree Star-worthy production, we want to help keep you shining *all* day long. Check out our best makeup, hair, skin, and nail hacks below. 

Hack #1: Use a bobby pin to apply lip-gloss

Take a bobby pin and stretch the two ends apart. Put the tip of the pin on your top lip. Then, use the pin as a barrier to paint your top lip without getting your lippie all around your mouth.

Hack #2: Make your perfume last *all* day 

News flash: your wrists are *not* the place where you should be spraying perfume. For an all-day sweet scent, hit key places like your hair, the inside of your elbows, down your back, or behind your knees. 

Hack #3: Apply Vaseline around your nails before applying nail polish 

Are you tired of getting nail polish *everywhere*? Apply Vaseline to the skin around your nails before applying polish. The excess paint won't stick because of the petroleum jelly. Pro tip: Use a Q-tip to avoid getting any Vaseline on your nails. 

Hack #4: Get the #perfect quick and easy smokey eye 

Draw a hashtag on each of your eyelids, then use your finger to blend. Top it off with some mascara and eyeliner, you're ready to go!

Hack #5: Braid your hair at night for beachy waves 

One of the most underrated hair hacks is the power of some zzz's. Braid your hair at night (can be wet or dry) and sleep with a braid in. Wake up to beachy waves and top it off with hairspray to hold. 

Hack #6: Organize your beauty products so they're easily accessible

Make your morning routine 2x faster by assembling all of the products and tools you need by storing them in one space. This is a *huge* time-saver, trust!

Do you have any go-to beauty hacks we *need* to know about? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credit: YouTube/5 Minute Crafts, Alexey Sokolov, Arnie Villanueva, Brit + Co, Glamour, Instagram/The Flat Lay Co


by Emily Fishel | 1/18/2019