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The movies and books you'll fall for this fall--and you can win them *all*

Cozy up—this is going to be one binge-worthy back-to-school season. Our Backstage Pass guide is filled with all the page-turning reads and must-watch movies that you'll fly through this fall. And guess what? 5 lucky girls will win them all! Check out our top picks below, then scroll down to enter.

Prepare to survive...middle school
Summer’s most fun and fearless movie is here! Jessica Darling’s IT List, starring Liv and Maddie’s Chloe East, is the hilarious, totally (NOT) guaranteed guide to surviving middle school. Available on iTunes.

Write, dream and doodle
This interactive Star Darlings journal has an inspirational message on each page based on the themes of celebrating uniqueness, thinking positively and making your own wishes come true.

Can Ashleigh become her true self?
When a straight-from-college English teacher takes over Ash’s class, she changes everything. But what will happen if Miss Murray finds out Ashleigh is in love with her?

Willow’s best friend is a murderer
Willow Lamott’s best friend, Ashton Keller, was recently released after serving four years in juvenile prison. With Ashton’s return, Willow struggles with her lingering affections—as well as her hopes he is innocent.

Someone is wreaking havoc at the estate
In this spooky sequel to The New York Times best-selling Serafina and the Black Cloak, Serafina must embrace her destiny in order to defeat the new threat to her home.

Start your Star Darlings adventure today!
Welcome to Starling Academy, where students study to become Wish-Granters to help guide girls on Earth to make their dreams come true. Join Star Darlings Sage, Libby and Leona on their adventures to Wishworld.

Some Mondays feel like they’ll last forever
In this teen romantic comedy, a girl must relive the Monday that her boyfriend dumps her over and over and over again until she gets it right.

Forget glass slippers—real princesses wear combat boots
Join Cinderella’s daughter, along with the siblings and kids of all your favorite fairy tale characters, in the magical world of Book—where citizens train to be the next generation of main characters in stories.
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Jessie C.- Trinity, Fla. 
Ayonnia H.- Rocky Mount, N.C.
Haleigh M.- Hamilton, Mich.
Marnelia F.- Los Angeles, Calif.
Maggie P.- Andrews, Ind.

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by GL | 7/29/2016