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7 celebs we'd like to see play superheroes

There are so many superheroes out there and they are all equally amazing. That’s why The Avengers, hitting theaters this Friday, May 4, will prove to be a huge hit in the box office!

The movie brings together all of your fave superheroes into one supercharged blockbuster flick. While we ah-dore the actors that have already taken on superhero roles, there are a few celebs we wish would do the same. Check out our picks!



Which celebs would you like to see as superheroes on the big screen? Who’s your favorite superhero? Blog about it, babes.

  • SHKeke.jpg

    Keke Palmer

    She played a talented and driven fashionista on Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, VP and we’re sure she could bring her drive and perseverance to an awesome superhero role. Keke could even turn it into a musical superhero movie to show off her singing—and punching—skills.

  • SHZac.jpg

    Zac Efron

    This total heartthrob makes us believe that he could do absolutely anything, so why not try for a superhuman role? But then again, being hot and having super powers might not be fair to the world…

  • SHEmmaStone.jpg

    Emma Stone

    She’ll be starring in The Amazing Spider-Man this summer, but we think Emma deserves to be the superhero and not just the love interest! This girl has got some spunk and a can-do spirit. Plus, she does an amazing job in every role she takes on and we don’t think a superhero role would be an exception!

  • SHAvan.jpg

    Avan Jogia

    He plays the guy that every girl loves in Victorious, with his long hair and sweet face. If he played a superhero, even the villain in the movie wouldn’t want to mess with a single hair on his head!

  • SHBrandon.jpg

    Brandon Mychal Smith

    He’s the funny guy on Disney Channel’s So Random, but we’d like to see him in a more action role to see what he could do with it. Hmmm, wonder what kind of powers he’d have if he were a superhero.

  • SHSophia.jpg

    Sophia Bush

    For nine seasons, she played one of the strongest female characters on television: Brooke Davis. Now that One Tree Hill has officially ended (too sad for words!), it is time for Sophia to take the strength that she has in her and go after a superhero role. If you take one look at her, you can clearly see that she’s able to kick some butt. End. Of. Story.

  • SHZooey.jpg

    Zooey Deschanel

    This girl is always playing that quirky, but cute, character. Now she needs to take that charm and throw it into a superhuman character. Zooey will make superheroes even more loveable than they already are.

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by Rachael Ellenbogen | 2/1/2016
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