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    Three more twists on your favorite yoga positions

    Tired of the same old sun salutations? These twists on classic yoga poses will seriously wake up your workout. Wide-legged Downward Dog This variation targets your hamstrings, calves, and lower back. 1. Come onto your hands...

  • FITNESS: Workouts

    How to do a plank like a pro

    One of the best ways to strengthen your core and enhance your abs is through planking. Best part? You can do it anytime, anywhere, no equipment required. Each of these plank exercises builds on one another, so we suggest trying...

  • FITNESS: Workouts

    Rock it out: How to do a handstand

    Jealous of the insta-gals snapping amazing pics of them pulling off stellar handstands? Yeah, whether they’re dancers or gymnasts or yogis or just plain awesome, there’s one thing we think when we see pics like that: Why can’t I do that?! Well, with...

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    Wanna get buff? Start here

    When your regular workout routine gets old, it’s way too easy to start skipping sweat seshes. This year, bust that excuse with a li’l help from Rebecca-Louise at XHIT (formerly XFitDaily). XHIT is posting new workout videos every weekday. Follow...