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  • CRUSHES: Dating

    Is a long-distance relationship worth it?

    So you and your BF have been together for a while and you feel super in love, but what are the chances of this relationship lasting through the summer? Both of you are have a bunch of family vacations and...

  • CRUSHES: Sweetie/Meanie

    Endless summer love

    I was on vacation in South Carolina and I met a really nice guy on the beach. I kind of liked him right away. At the end of the day, I realized we lived in different places. I asked how...

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    Summer love advice from our fave flicks

    Who doesn’t love a summer-themed romcom? Whether it’s filmed on the beach or centered around a June wedding, we can’t get enough of these love stories. No matter the setting or season, there’s always a bit of advice hidden in...

  • Does cheating count if it's long distance?

    My BF lives on the other side of the state and I only get to see him about once a month. Soon, I'll see him for four days at camp (the place where we met). He calls me every day, but I...